The sets for your events, in good hands

The team is our strength and our work for the construction of event sets reflects our art: we are creative, designers, set designers, architects, carpenters, fitters, decorators, costume designers, musicians and technical specialists. 

Our experience

20 years of experience in the world of event set design, as well as specially created entertainment shows, are a guarantee for our customers.What makes us unique is our collaboration with some of the world’s most famous brands. 

We are specialists in the design and realisation of stage sets for high-prestige events for individuals or companies: conferences, gala dinners, team-building activities, grand weddings. We work to turn your event into not just any other event, but a unique experience that can also include shows and performances by our artists, perfectly in line with the mood and the theme of the event.

Our team of professionals uses experience and creativity to create true masterpieces, making each of our events truly impressive.

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Ambra Orfei

Ambra Orfei, hugely successful producer of shows and events for children and families with the company AMBRA ORFEI ENTERTAINMENT, and later founder of Sceniko Events together with her husband Gabriele Piemonti, is our artistic director. She takes part in the preparation of all our shows and, in addition to directing, choosing the music or pointing the lights, she coordinates the artistic staff behind the scenes.

Innovation, involvement and uniqueness are our keywords

It is important to be able to visualise an event from several points of view: from planning to preparation to the actual realisation.

We have an overall vision that manages to get down to the smallest detail. Not only that: every single decision influences the success of the show. Comparison and teamwork are the cornerstones of the way we work.

This is our secret to successful planning!

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3 reasons to choose us

Why choose us?


We are a factory of ideas, to which we give shape and life. We are able to make different materials interact with new technologies, obtaining truly original effects. Basic is boring, right?


We have accumulated nearly 20 years of direct experience in the world of scenographic realizations and event management. A guarantee towards our customers, among which the most famous brands in the world stand out.

Production capacity

Since 2001 we have created hundreds of scenographic, technological and structural installations. All produced on time, offering maximum flexibility. Test us.

Our customers

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