Tepidarium del Roster – Ferrari

Another exclusive event saw us at work to welcome international guests in an elegant evening of first class. The real star was the location: a magical place with an ancient and evocative atmosphere, that lends itself to the context, in a green space that skilfully blends history, art and a hint of exotic charm. Our aim was to exalt and enhance it, thanks to a play of light and floral installations that welcomed guests in a sort of ‘enchanted greenhouse’, where nature came to life, unfolding itself in every possible way. The entire mood of the evening was inspired by the theme of NATURE.

A genuine triumph of colours to offer guests an unforgettable ‘experience’ surrounded by emotions. Every detail was designed to make the event truly exclusive!

The costumes, inspired by nature, required all the skill of our tailors and costume designers to transform the performers who, with their delicate and sinuous movements, welcomed the guests. 

Roses, carnations, hydrangeas, petals and leaves in delicate colours adorned the costumes and hairstyles of our artists, who symbolised the beauty of nature, the genuine star of the night.

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